Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Crystal Cup by Bram Stoker

Just in case you recognize Bram Stoker as the author who wrote the famous novel, "Dracula," and thought he'd done no other work, I thought I'd share one of his short stories on my blog.

Here's a little excerpt:

The Crystal Cup
By Bram Stoker

I. The Dream-Birth

The blue waters touch the walls of the palace; I can hear their
soft, lapping wash against the marble whenever I listen. Far out
at sea I can see the waves glancing in the sunlight, ever-smiling,
ever-glancing, ever-sunny. Happy waves!-happy in your gladness,
thrice happy that ye are free!

I rise from my work and spring up the wall till I reach the
embrasure. I grasp the corner of the stonework and draw myself up
till I crouch in the wide window. Sea, sea, out away as far as my
vision extends. There I gaze till my eyes grow dim; and in the
dimness of my eyes my spirit finds its sight. My soul flies on the
wings of memory away beyond the blue, smiling sea-away beyond the
glancing waves and the gleaming sails, to the land I call my home.
As the minutes roll by, my actual eyesight seems to be restored,
and I look round me in my old birth-house. The rude simplicity of
the dwelling comes back to me as something new. There I see my old
books and manuscripts and pictures, and there, away on their old
shelves, high up above the door, I see my first rude efforts in art.

How poor they seem to me now! And yet, were I free, I would not
give the smallest of them for all I now possess. Possess? How I

The dream calls me back to waking life. I spring down from my
window-seat and work away frantically, for every line I draw on
paper, every new form that springs on the plaster, brings me
nearer freedom. I will make a vase whose beauty will put to shame
the glorious works of Greece in her golden prime! Surely a love
like mine and a hope like mine must in time make some form of
beauty spring to life! When He beholds it he will exclaim with
rapture, and will order my instant freedom. I can forget my hate,
and the deep debt of revenge which I owe him when I think of
liberty-even from his hands. Ah! then on the wings of the morning
shall I fly beyond the sea to my home-her home-and clasp her to my
arms, never more to be separated!

But, oh Spirit of Day! if she should be-No, no, I cannot think of
it, or I shall go mad. Oh Time, Time! maker and destroyer of men's
fortunes, why hasten so fast for others whilst thou laggest so slowly
for me? Even now my home may have become desolate, and she-my bride
of an hour-may sleep calmly in the cold earth. Oh this suspense will
drive me mad! Work, work! Freedom is before me; Aurora is the reward
of my labour!

So I rush to my work; but to my brain and hand, heated alike, no
fire or no strength descends. Half mad with despair, I beat myself
against the walls of my prison, and then climb into the embrasure,
and once more gaze upon the ocean, but find there no hope. And so I
stay till night, casting its pall of blackness over nature, puts the
possibility of effort away from me for yet another day.

So my days go on, and grow to weeks and months. So will they grow
to years, should life so long remain an unwelcome guest within me;
for what is man without hope? and is not hope nigh dead within this
weary breast?


Monday, June 2, 2008

RePosting Address

I just browsed by the Red Inkworks link for Flash Fiction and found it not working.

Perhaps they are doing maintenance or updates on-site. I hope they resolve the link problem.

Here's the mainpage at Red Inkworks

The hunt for the flash fiction section shouldn't be too difficult

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Indian Art News - A New Widget

Widget - The Indian Art News

Here is an interesting widget I found.

I have been reading a lot of Native legends and tales lately and this caught my interest. Perhaps it is time to bring a coyote story to the blog! I will work on that for the next post.

Enjoy the Native Art!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mailorder Comics

Don't tell me you've grown OUT of the comic book phase...

Mailorder Comics has been around since 1997, and uses a phrase,
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Some pre-ordered new releases are 50% and up to even 75% off.

Mailorder Comic stocks more than comics!

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Graphic Novels

Here are some interesting links, spun from one of the hottest shows on television. They're the graphic novel issues that side-step Tim Kring and NBC TVs Heroes sci-fi drama series.

These interactive novels sometimes keep in line with the show, but also create side-line stories and introduce extra characters, situations and events.

Here's the link to novel #1 (requires 'flash'):

Heroes Graphic Novel - Chapter One: "Monsters"
(opens in new window)

Here's a link for a printable PDF version, too:

Heroes Graphic Novel - Chapter One: "Monsters" (PDF)
(opens in new window)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Article ABCs of the Internet

Just a little blurb about the ABCs of the Internet that I wrote back in the summertime.

ABCs of the Internet on Hubpages
(will open in new window)

Hubpages is a great place to check out articles written by real people. Now, you probably won't want to cite most of the articles you find at Hub Pages, but there are a lot of good pieces written in regular language. You'll find a lot of different topics and perceptions from all over the place at the site.

If you're interested, you can also earn money through HubPages, so I do hope you'll check it out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Watch The Bullet!

I stumbled back across this video in my You Tube files.

It's not directly about writing or text method storytelling, but it is definitely much more than just a Hard Rock Music Video!

There's a li'l storytelling going on - and the ANIMATION is GREAT!

Watch the BULLET! Keep your eye on it - some pretty awesome FX goin' on here!

Here's the video:

Korn's "Freak On A Leash" from the "Follow The Leader" Album

Even if this isn't your usual style of music to listen to, you should be able to appreciate the creative ideas in the film-making and special effects going on here.